Beautiful Music
With help from Dream Angels, a third-grader who always loved music has blossomed into a teen-age orchestra member

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Targeted Programming

Dream Angels understands that there’s no shortage of tutoring and recreational groups, mentoring and social organizations for girls in North Texas. Yet many of them carry a high price tag – and none of them can compare with the well-rounded educational, social, and cultural support that Dream Angels provides at no cost.

We make Saturday mornings special.

Our regular meetings take place on Saturday mornings, with academic tutoring as the main focus. We also weave in topics ranging from self-esteem to community service, with plenty of creative and social activities to encourage expression and help girls nurture meaningful relationships along the way.

Dream Starters
Support and enrichment for girls in third through sixth grade

Dream Girls
Targeted topics and skills for girls in seventh through 12th grade

A foundation of academic success to support their dreams

Personal Development
From finance and nutrition to expression and self-esteem

Cultural Development
Taking pride in the past—and making strides to give back

Recreational Activities
A little fun to reward their hard work and dedication

Exclusive incentives for sticking with Dream Angels